Welcome to the Howick Rifle Club - one of the fastest growing smallbore target rifle clubs in Auckland!  

We are a well established smallbore shooting club located at 90R Wellington Street in Howick (next to the Howick domain and Tennis Club).  We operate purely as a club, not a business.  This is a sport that any person from the age of 14 can partake in either socially, competitively, or both. 

"Smallbore" refers to .22 caliber target rifles commonly used over a distance of 25 yards (indoors) or 50 metres (outdoors).  We use .22 caliber small-bore target rifles only.  If your rifle has a magazine, is an automatic, has telescopic sights, or is used for hunting purposes, it is NOT suitable for shooting at our club.

The standard position used within this range is prone (lying flat).  All shooters wear special jackets with slings to assist the shooter with steadying the rifle.  See photos of some of our shooters in the Photo Gallery.

The range is wheelchair friendly which allows us to cater for shooters that have mobility difficulties, and there is disabled parking right outside the range.

We have a professional and friendly environment in which you can learn how to safely use a rifle, so if you are looking at trying a new form of shooting, come down and see us.

NO VISITORS UNTIL AUCKLAND IS AT GREEN (under the new traffic light system)

IMPORTANT NOTICE! The club has changed it's policy on visitors. Effective immediately, prospective members will be accommodated on two Monday evenings per month. Bookings are mandatory - NO BOOKING = NO SHOOTING.