This section outlines the different types of membership available, our yearly club subscription fees, and methods of payment.

Individual members enjoy a range of benefits, including eligibility to take part in all Howick Rifle Club (HRC), Target Shooting Auckland (TSA) and Target Shooting New Zealand (TSNZ) competitions, and use of the Howick Rifle Range facilities including the club gear (rifles, jackets, gloves and slings).

Prospective members are welcome to come and see if this type of shooting is for them and watch club members in action from within the range.

Prior to shooting for the first time, you will be required to undertake an induction.  This induction covers:

  • the equipment used in this sport covering the rifle, ammunition, jacket, sling and scope
  • range rules, club rules and shooting etiquette
  • firearm safety
  • firearm licensing
  • membership costs

Following the induction on this first night you will be able to experience shooting for the first time under full supervision.  You are then able to attend two Monday club nights to further see if it's a sport you want to invest in and so we can meet you and get to know you.  This is important for the application process as you will need two existing club members to support your application.

2021 Club Subscription Fees

Our annual club subscription fees are set at the HRC Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is held every year around April.  The subscriptions are valid for one year from 1 April current year to 31 March next year.

Senior Member $340 - A full senior member of the club

Junior Member $185 - Anyone under the age of 21, or someone at intermediate/secondary school at the date of payment

Veteran Member $250 - Anyone who is aged 60 years or older on 1st January in the current year

Social Member $30 - A member that is not an active shooting member, but still wishes to maintain an association with the Club and attend meetings.  (Please note, with this membership you are not considered a member of TSA and TSNZ.)

Family Membership - A full Senior Member plus any individual related to, and residing at the same residence of this Senior Member, can pay 1 x Senior Member $340 plus two thirds of a Senior or Junior Member fee.


  • The Senior, Junior and Veteran Member subscription fees include the TSA and TSNZ membership fees.  This means you are automatically affiliated to Target Shooting Auckland (TSA) and Target Shooting New Zealand (TSNZ).
  • Please complete the TSNZ Individual Membership Form (found on the TSNZ website) and submit this to our club secretary or club captain, at the time you pay your club subscription. 
  • You must be affiliated with a club or an association to become a member of TSNZ.


If you decide you would like to apply for individual membership to the Howick Rifle Club please contact our club President for more information.​​​​​​​